Friday, 20 November 2015

Judgement day

There's cause for celebration in my house today. Or at least in the corner of my house where I play with tiny bits of plastic. It's because I've finally finished building the first five of my 'Judge Dredd' style Arbites Enforcers. It's been a long slog, but generally I've enjoyed working on this project. If, for some reason you are remotely interested you can find all the earlier stages here. Although, to be fair, there's still plenty more work to be done until it's completely finished. I guess the reality is I'm only about half way through, but hush now child, let's not ruin the moment.

'Judge Dredd' style Arbites Enforcers. Not what I'd call instant justice

Also, if you've been following any of this, or if you just clicked on the link above, you may be wondering what happened to the other two troopers. 

In my last related entry I mentioned some other weapons that I was going to have to build from scratch. Here's a photo showing the tiny amount of progress I've made since then. If you couldn't before, you should now be able to tell what it's all going to be.

That's right, it's more tiny bits of plastic

Once I've finished these last two guys, then I've only got to build that bike I promised (way back here). Just a few arms and a simple little bike standing between me and the painting stage. Or maybe two bikes. Shall we say two? Okay, two.


  1. Really strong models here! I appreciate that you did not just do a headswap with the plastic scouts. Using Cadian breast plates works well. Nice work with the shoulder pads and sculpting on the collars. I have to say that the immense size of 40k weaponry always bothered me. Those boltguns are larger than one of the Judge's torsos. By now, I am sure you saw the new Genestealer cultist models with all of the nice shotgun designs. Maybe make some more with those?

    1. Hi Gregory, thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. You've hit upon an area of this hobby that is becoming increasingly more difficult to ignore. Scale issues, especially within the Space Marine range, are just so apparent. Especially in the light of other human (ish) characters being released as true-scale miniatures (like the Custodes and Stormcast Eternals).

      But now that you've mentioned it I see how huge some of the weapons look in the hands of my Judges. It's like the guns were designed at the correct size, even if the marines who originally carried them weren't. It's kinda laughable. It almost makes my Arbites look like tiny plastic versions of Pyramid Head and his knife.