Monday, 29 January 2018

Track team, part two

I've painted two more miniatures. For me this level of attainment is unheard of. There's no stopping me. I'm like a machine. Although, clearly not anywhere near as like a machine as these two servitors.

They've both been the victims of some pretty serious surgery, 41st millennium style. And most likely against their will. It's a harsh penal system in the Imperium of Man: been overheard disrespecting your manufactory guild? That's an extended lifetime as a near mindless slave, grafted to some awful machine, performing dull, repetitious work then.

I was going to try for a gag about how that sounds similar to painting miniatures, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The truth is more like the exact opposite. I loved constructing these tiny characters and bringing them to life. You can read a little bit about it and see some earlier, unpainted shots of them here.

And, as if completion isn't it's own reward, and I wasn't feeling smug enough, I'm also inching ever closer to settling my addiction challenge. Although the smugness is quickly quashed by a glance at how far I still have left to go.


Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Munitorum Armoured Containers

There's no fancy title for today's post. Instead, we're simply doing what it says on the tin. Except, in this case, because it says Munitorum Armoured Containers, they pretty much are the tin.

This was one of my favourite Games Workshop releases of recent years – for a number of reasons:

1) Not only do you get a good spread of scenery in each box (three Armoured Containers, nine Promethium Barrels, and twelve Supply Crates)...

2) Not only are the containers a very satisfying chunky, gothic design (without going overboard on the extraneous detail)...

3) And not only are they a joy to paint (with plenty of surface detail, great for quicker techniques like dry-brushing and washes)...

4) But their release also marked a shift for Citadel Miniatures in ramping up our glimpses of civilian life in the Imperium. Although when I say civilian, I ought to clarify. This is, after all, the 41st Millennium we're talking about, where everything is grim and dark and there is only war. Therefore in this context civilian tends to mean slightly less martial than everything else. So to that end the containers can be up-gunned with some fairly serious firepower, if that's your bag.

It's not mine. In my mind the containers look better without the weapons. More like just another urban background element. So far I've only painted the first two. My original plan was to paint each of the three containers in a different colour, but when I decided to glue one of the doors open I thought it would be good to have a similar coloured model with the doors closed, in case I ever wanted to represent it both ways. Thus the first two containers ended up being slightly different shades of green – enough to look different when seen next to each other, but also similar enough to pass for the same model at a glance. I also followed this logic for the details, making them subtly different from one another, but not overly so.

For my addiction challenge these are a straightforward one point each, so my new score looks like this: