Tuesday, 28 July 2015

First of a new breed

I've been very busy recently, and, as the last entry shows, not much of it has been grim or dark. But in my spare moments I've still been racing to finish the first of my Adeptus Arbites 'Judge Dredd' style Enforcers. Last night I would have said he was complete, but on looking at the pictures this morning I'm not so sure. I suppose I'm learning that the camera can be a harsh critic.

I'm happy with the legs, body and head, but the arms look pretty messy. The perfectionist in me wants to start the shoulder pads again from scratch.

But then the perfectionist in me rarely gets anything finished. It's the pragmatist that sees me through, and he says the best plan is to press on with the other few Judges, hope my skills improve with practice, then either revisit the earlier ones, or try to fix it all with the paint job. After all, when I held this guy in my hands last night I was pleased enough to think he was done.

So that's a plan, then. 

Or is it? I found this great image of a bunch of dudes sitting around waiting to play Judges. It's got a really clear view of their uniforms, including one of the eagle shoulder pads. From looking at it now I can see that not only is my sculpting terribly shoddy, but it's also inaccurate. The eagle's head should be on the lower section of the shoulder pad. So do I ignore it, or do I fix it?

It's a dilemma for sure. And one that I think I'm going to leave for another time.

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