Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Another small step

I stayed up late again last night, in an effort to make a little more progress on the test model for the Arbites.

At least I hope it's progress

I switched the Scout's arms out and replaced them with Cadian arms (but kept the Scout's shotgun and hands). My reasoning was twofold:

1. The Cadian arms come from the same kit as the torso, so they should match scale, and stop that chest armour from looking dwarfed.

2. The Scout arms had fairly chunky vambraces over the forearms and wrists. On the costumes in the Dredd movie this area is much less armoured.

However, having said that last point, I have no qualms about troops having subtly different uniforms. People have a tendency to customise stuff they use everyday, and even the strictest adherent to a uniform code may add or remove extra armour. Things get damaged, worn out, and replaced by newer models all the time so I actually like to mix things up a bit on my troops. It makes each and every one of them a character.

As well as switching the arms I've also started blocking in the extra pads with green stuff. 40K miniatures often seem to wear hard, solid armour, but the Judges' pads are clearly a bit more flexible. Leather and Kevlar-style materials seem to be quite prominent. This may work in my favour, hopefully meaning the sculpting work won't need such crisp edges and smooth surfaces.

It's early days here, none of this is ready to go, but it gives me a good idea of the overall bulk of the model. I'm generally happy with where this is going, but pretty daunted at how much work each of these guys will take to complete.

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