Sunday, 15 December 2019

Rest in peace with the rest of the pieces

Hot on the heels of the previous post, here are the very last miniatures for my current Undead collection. I can hardly believe I'm this close to finishing a whole project. It's such a rare occurrence for me. In fact I'm not sure any of my other collections have ever got this far.

Apart from the Vampire Lord and the skeleton cow, these final models are basically just made up of all the bits 'n' pieces I had left over from the earlier builds, simply glued together as best as I could.

The cow is an ancient model coming from what I believe may have been the very first Undead wagon (or war machine) of any sort to be released by Citadel Miniatures – the Plague Cart, from 1987. If it's not the first, then it's certainly one of the earliest. I've decorated the base a bit, and added a beaten up bell hanging from its neck, but otherwise it's pretty much as it was back at the end of the eighties.

Most of the other miniatures are from the Zombie Regiment (with a few Chaos Warrior parts thrown into the mix), but there's also a straggler from the original Skeleton Horde (with swapped weapon and shield), a Ghoul from Mantic (with new arms), and the remainders of three Ghouls from Rackham (all with head swaps, and the odd new limb).

My goal is to get them painted before the year is out, so the challenge is on. Watch this space.

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