Friday, 27 April 2018

A farewell to arms (and legs, and forcibly grafted prosthetics)

It's a minor celebration today. About this time nine years ago, I built a small handful of miniatures that I thought represented everyday servitors in the Imperium of Man. I've just finished the final 3 of the original set, plus another from Forge World that I added later. This means it took not quite a decade to complete what turned out to be a 17 man* squad. Embarrassingly it's probably one of my quicker challenges.

The characters in the above photo are based on the following miniatures: on the far left is an Inquisitorial servitor from Forge World, now available as part of Solomon Lok's retinue, third from the left is a mildly adjusted Scrap Thrall from the Privateer Press Warmachine range, and the other two are both conversions of out-of-print bad guys from Rackham's Confrontation.

I've talked about my converted civilian servitors before, sharing some of the other miniatures as they were finished, and going into a little more detail on the subject. The original post can be found here, with updates here, herehere and here.

But who can really be bothered to click on all those links? So below are all the completed miniatures from this project, including the two Track Team members that I added after starting this blog.

Another four painted models drops my Addiction Challenge score down into the seventies. This means at the current rate of progress it will be roughly another three and half years before I'm allowed to buy any new miniatures.

In reality I don't know if I can hold out that long – which is kind of the point with addictions – so I have a plan to speed up my progress. It's basically about dropping my already bad paint quality even further, and batch painting a whole bunch of miniatures using only the most basic techniques. It's hard to believe, but the miniatures on this blog are likely to get even worse in the coming months.



*Man, woman, cyborg, bio-mechanical victim of a brutal regime.


  1. Awesome, your job is always inspiring.
    Well, we all know that you can paint half of the remaining 78 before the end of the first half of this year! C'mon you can do it (then you can buy something new as a special prize..)!

    1. Haha thanks Stats. Not sure my painting is always that inspiring though. The post before this one being a pretty good example!

      78 more minis to go, before the end of June. I've gotta say it's not looking too likely. I wonder if I could manage ten?.