Sunday, 18 February 2018

Waaagh battle tanks

If at first you don't succeed, cheat. That's probably how any self-respecting Ork would have it. Although with them cheat is likely to mean brutally eliminate the competition, whereas in my case it's just about posting pics of old models from my collection because I haven't had time to paint anything new.

So here are two more vehicles from my old Greenskin armoured brigade. These tanks sport killkannons and rotary big shootas, and are probably a little smaller than Forge World's Kill Blasta (or Bursta) tank. I guess I see them as kinda like an Ork equivalent to a Leman Russ Battle Tank without the sponsons.

I've been thinking about my Ork army a lot recently. When I originally put it together I only ever got about halfway through all the things I had planned. I still have a whole bunch of units to complete, most of which are going to involve at least some level of customisation. It's quite a labour-intensive endeavour, even if most Ork conversion work can be fairly easily achieved simply by gluing a load of off-cuts and rivets all over the place.

With the model below, I started with Secret Weapon's awesome 6x6 Rapid Assault Vehicle. It's a great model, so I didn't want to do anything too drastic. I think in the end I simply added an Ork commander (made from a standard Citadel Nob, with a head from Kromlech's Orc Veteran set), then glued a load of those aforementioned off-cuts and rivets all over the place.

And with the second tank it was even easier. I don't think I did a single thing. The original model said it all. It's the Maxmini Scrap Tank. I only needed to paint the sucker. So I tried to make both vehicles feel related by starting with a beaten-up, red paint job, but then use different patterns for detailing, to make each scheme feel a little more unique.

These were completed many years ago, so my Addiction Challenge score remains the same.


I'm slowly posting a bit more about my old (yet continuing) Ork army, so if you're a fan of these muscle-bound, green menaces, you can follow the entirety of my thread here.


  1. Really awesome model. The worn out patterns are great, as the red. The 6×6 is something I should not have seen, it is hard now not to buy it, but it is frankly much more better after your work than brand new!

    1. Yes Stats, the Secret Weapon 6x6 is a fantastic model. I felt the same way after seeing it for the first time - and frankly had to crow-bar it into my collection. If I'm passing that feeling along, then I guess that makes me your pusher-man. Here's to plastic crack! (Which in this case is mostly resin and metal).

  2. These are both great, with tons of originality. Orky, yet realistically feasible. And nice weathering.

    Job's a good 'un.

    1. Thanks Philip. Yes, the feasibility thing is important to me. It's slightly at odds with the official Ork background, but I want my Ork vehicles to have a post-apocalyptic, can-do feel to them – jury-rigged and jerry-built. Guns mounted on sheets of iron, bolted to engines, attached to rugged wheels. Rather than some of the more outrageous, waaagh-magic ideas that exist. I saw the hardy-looking Ork truck at the top of your profile, so I imagine you approach them in a similar vein.