Monday, 29 January 2018

Track team, part two

I've painted two more miniatures. For me this level of attainment is unheard of. There's no stopping me. I'm like a machine. Although, clearly not anywhere near as like a machine as these two servitors.

They've both been the victims of some pretty serious surgery, 41st millennium style. And most likely against their will. It's a harsh penal system in the Imperium of Man: been overheard disrespecting your manufactory guild? That's an extended lifetime as a near mindless slave, grafted to some awful machine, performing dull, repetitious work then.

I was going to try for a gag about how that sounds similar to painting miniatures, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The truth is more like the exact opposite. I loved constructing these tiny characters and bringing them to life. You can read a little bit about it and see some earlier, unpainted shots of them here.

And, as if completion isn't it's own reward, and I wasn't feeling smug enough, I'm also inching ever closer to settling my addiction challenge. Although the smugness is quickly quashed by a glance at how far I still have left to go.



  1. They are beautiful! Great job. Your miniatures make me want to paint them.