Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Old dogs, new tricks

The last few weeks have posed an interesting challenge for me: trying to update all my existing Chaos Warriors to fit in with the new look I'm after, without entirely repainting them.

My previous approach to Chaos Warriors was to work on them one at a time with their own colours and markings, and make them look as individual as possible. You can see a bunch of them in their previous conditions in this post.

However this time around, as the force is starting to grow, I want them to look more cohesive, more like some of the groups of warriors and knights shown in the films I mentioned here.

Therefore it was never going to be a case of simply re-basing them on the larger, round Age of Sigmar bases, and adding a bit of snow flock. I was also going to need to darken them down, make their armour look metallic, perhaps even rusty, mute most of their colours, and even, in extreme cases, repose them and replace their heads or helmets.

But obviously I didn't want to spend ages doing all this to old models when I could be doing it to new ones, so the further challenge was to do it quickly and simply, and without adding so much extra paint that more detail would be lost, or worse, taking the models to such a bad place that I'd be forced to strip the paint off them completely and start again.

It made sense to add a couple of unpainted models to the batch, just to check everything was progressing in the right direction. The two models on the left, in the above picture, are new ones that had never been completed before. And while I'm going on about this, the warrior on the right is one of the old models that I gave a new head as part of his refresher.

So, although 21 models have been given new paint jobs, only two of them count towards my Addiction Challenge score. This means I'm down to the final fifth, but have still got further to go before I can get out there on a massive, toy-soldier-based spending spree.


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