Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Addressing the undead battle mammoth in the room

Let's face it, I am neither a great painter, nor a quick one. I started cleaning and assembling the above model about halfway through last year – probably something like May or June. And although I whizzed through the preparation and construction phases, it's fair to say the painting has taken a little longer than expected. 

This model was one of two skeleton war mammoths, designed by Grenadier, that I've had lying around since probably not long after their release in the 1980s.

I wanted to add them to my Undead skirmish force as twin centrepieces – un-living battle tanks, able to plough through ranks of infantry, tearing the enemy apart with their sheer size and strength.

But there was something about them that immediately threw a spanner in the works. Instead of swiftly completing these and moving on to something new, I lost focus and started fiddling around with other projects. And to make matters worse, because I knew I was meant to be painting the mammoths, none of the other projects got my full attention either. I just kind of dithered. Meandered from one non-committed project to the next. Dilly-dallying. Exactly the kind of hobbying that gets you nowhere, fast.

Or even slow.

The other mammoth is still very much a work in progress, but I painted the crew from both beasts' howdahs at the same time.

Sadly, after all the work I've put into this – or more accurately all the time it's taken me to do that work – it's still only one completed model to knock off the list, so my Addiction Challenge score is looking remarkably un-dented. Hopefully with a little luck, and a little focus, some of that dilly-dallying will pay off later this month.


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