Thursday, 20 December 2018

Horsemen of the glued-finger-tips

Hobby time is always quite difficult to find, but for the last few months that's become increasingly extreme. As a result I only have a few photos to share today, all of which are from my ongoing Undead project. 

The first shows what little progress I've made on the two war mammoths I showed back here. They are undercoated, with little moments of completed detail (mainly on the tusks), but still generally have a long way to go.

The second and third photos are from the next squad in this process, and the penultimate one in the overall project. It's going to be a small unit of cavalry, but it's proving to be a great deal of work. Unfortunately for me, the few models I had in my collection were in two pretty incompatible scales. The smaller metal miniatures from the early to mid eighties looked tiny next to Games Workshop's first plastics from a few years later. Therefore just to get them to the stage below, where most of the horses are roughly the same size, has taken me hours of trimming, pinning, gluing and filling, not to mention cannibalising an old plastic armoured horse for its larger features.

I also discovered I didn't have enough tiny plastic skulls to complete the squad, so I had to find a few from other places. This has mainly been from the backs of chaos cloaks, or from totems on banners and the like. The one shown in the picture below was from the base of a plastic Ork. 

But all this stuff still needs a lot of work, so this is really just a glimpse of the models midway through their development. Hopefully I'll have some time to finish them after Christmas. Until then, have a fantastic holiday.

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  1. I’ve just realised a marginally better name for this article might have been ‘Horsemen of the EPOXIED-finger-tips’.

    And no, I haven’t been at the Christmas sherry already.