Friday, 23 June 2017

When the battle's lost and won

Following straight on from my previous post, here are another three models for my Addiction Challenge. I'm on fire!

But before I congratulate myself too heartily on this small victory, it's worth noting that, in real terms, the number of models I said I'd paint has barely even been dented.

It's also worth noting that none of these miniatures are the new Primaris Space Marines or Death Guard models that everyone else is talking about. This is because I got my copy of WH40K 8th edition last night, so at my current rate of progress it should be at least another three years before I have anything painted and ready to share.


The Necromantic Ternion of Gshtaad, otherwise known as the War-Locked, is a trio of hexmasters affiliated to the small Chaos warband I showed back hereTheir original names have long since faded into obscurity, to be replaced instead by the arcane monikers they claim were handed to them by Gshtaad himself during a series of dark and impressive rituals involving much nudity, dancing, intoxication and human sacrifice. The usual kinda thing.

It is, however, far more likely they chose the names themselves – simply because they thought they sounded mysterious, foreboding, and maybe even kinda cool.

The Thaum-Augur

The Lorn Hierophant

The Reticulator

Obviously that depends very heavily on one's definition of 'cool'.

My decision to have multiple chaos sorcerers in such a small force grew out of an unshakeable desire to see three different characters, with different posture and poses, painted in different colours, all tied together by the of use of dirt, skulls, spikes, horns and the general tone of things.

In the end this meant they were ever-so-slightly converted from their original forms, with a few additions and removals to achieve the look I was after. Here's the obligatory work-in-progress pic for anyone who's interested.

The first two characters are simple Games Workshop conversions, but the metal chap, although sporting a few Games Workshop bits, is the Apprentice Mage from Andy Foster's Heresy Miniatures.

And here's my new score:


Hopefully more to follow soon.


  1. Beautiful, the two GW miniatures are classics that most of the painters out there have painted, but you add them clearly your touch -the most important thing in the hobby imho, much more than perfect blendings and stuff-. I must borrow the veins of the Reticulator's head, may I ask you the recipe?

    1. Hey Stats. Thanks for the compliments. The bald guy's veiny head was pretty simple. I just painted his head a pale skin colour, using a lot of bone in the mix - then used a thin brush with a tiny bit of very slightly thinned Blood Red on the tip. Then I drew it across the head many times with a kind of shaky hand movement. I didn't do a great job, you can see the mistakes quite clearly, but I think it was just decent enough to give the impression I was after. Just.

    2. Thanks a lot! Do not be so harsh with your job, they are extremely small veins in a small head, they are great: I was a bit scared that you did it in this way, because I am not a precise painter: well I need to improve myself, I got a good amount of Chaos to do, someone could be blessed by those veins! If I'll use them, I'll clearly put the reference to your marvellous blog.