Monday, 8 May 2017

The Giant Robo Alphabot, part eight

Robots often seem to take the role of baddie henchmen in major science-fiction films. I guess their blank, expressionless exteriors, and similarly unemotive personalities, make them perfect to represent the soulless, unempathetic forces of evil.

This lack of humanity also makes them nicely expendable so the movie's hero can dispatch hundreds of them without becoming a brutal mass-murderer. Perfect when you absolutely have to fill your film with explosive spectacle and against-all-odds heroism.

These next two robots have both been mass-produced (admittedly in fairly limited numbers), to act as troops in the climactic final showdown of Hollywood action films.

Who doesn't love the original Robocop's ED-209? (Obviously the executive in that boardroom scene probably wasn't much of a fan.)

A slightly less well-known, but equally glitchy, bad guy robot, this time from Iron Man 2

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