Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Track team

Right, no preamble today. I'm just jumping straight in and sharing a couple of photos of some WH40K industrial servitor types that I chucked together. They were both the result of a little bit of kit-bashing, a little bit of scratch-building, and a fair bit of bodging.

The top one is based on a tiny bulldozer toy that I brazenly stole from one of my sons, while the bottom one uses parts from Games Workshop, slapped together and stuck to an excellent pair of cat tracks that I got from Zinge Industries.

Admittedly both these miniatures look a little bit pony right now, but once they've been painted they will look absolutely, totally awesome.*

*This may not be entirely true. It may not even be vaguely true. In fact it is quite likely to turn out to be completely untrue.

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