Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Giant Robo Alphabot, part seven

Due to my love of gritty, military design styles with a sci-fi twist, my robot alphabet has lots of thematic overlaps with 28mm model ranges. Many of the walkers and 'bots I've featured look like they'd be right at home in the middle of a miniatures-based wargame.

But only a few have actually come from that arena. These next two armour-plated entries are each lifted from bona fide tabletop battle games.

The first is a walking Nazi Panzer tank from Paulo Parente's alternate World War II game, Dust; and the second is one of the stunning Leviathan mechs from Mark Mondragon's Iron-Core game, released by his company Dreamforge Games.

These dangerous looking robots are therefore each available as model kits in a roughly 28mm-32mm scale*. And in fact both of these kits are currently sitting dejected among my other unfinished projects, waiting forlornly for their chance to appear on this blog as finished models or conversions.

Looking at these brutal vehicles makes me want to abandon all my other projects and immediately go to work on them. But surely in that way madness lies? Or if not madness, then at least a desk that's so cluttered my already meagre output would probably cease altogether.

So many projects, so little time.

*The Leviathan Crusader is also available in a 15mm scale, which still makes it nearly 5" tall.


  1. Neat project that you have with this alphabet, made all the more appealing for you talent with graphical design! You have all the letters already picked out, and are slowly designing each of the images to go with each?

    The Leviathan Crusader is a really nice kit. My brothers and I have a collection of posts about assembling on on our blog, from a couple years ago:

    1. Hi Gregory. Always nice to hear from one of the Wier boys! I've been checking out your blog of late, and I gotta say I love it. So many interesting articles that you and your bros rustle up between you. Did you ever finish the Leviathan? I couldn't find any painted pics, but that could easily just be me.

      As for my alphabet, all the design is done. I just need to write the copy for the last 5 or 6 entries. I really should get a move on - but with everything it comes down to time. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Except in this case Peter could be a lost unit of Death Guard that never quite went full Nurgle, or a cityblock of battered concrete and rusting metal, or even just the completion of my Dredd style Arbites squad.

      One day Gregory. One day.

    2. Unfortunately, we never did paint the Leviathan. That was built in the earlier days of the blog, when none of the three of us were painting. Nowadays, Adam paints a bunch (and does most of the conversions). Eric and I have recently started painting (though, we don't have the experience that Adam has). Eric has been thinking of trying to airbrush the Imperial Knight titan that he built awhile back (not the Leviathan, but another big robot!).
      I have considered trying to build some Gundam models, as I have always been a big fan of mechs. If that happens, I am not sure if it will make it on the blog.

      Thanks for looking through our blog. It is largely Warhammer 40K stuff, but we have slowly tried to start expanding to include other things. You have done a good job of covering lots of topics on your blog. I very much like the look into the 2000AD stuff. I have been trying to get deeper into that, myself (we made a psychic t-rex for one of our recent projects, as a nod to Satanus and Gorehead (from Judge Dredd, and Flesh, respectively)).