Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Who does all the work around here? Part two

Last summer, when I first started writing this blog, one of my earliest entries featured a handful of servitors that I'd converted and painted. They weren't meant to be auxiliaries to an Astartes force or menials in a Militarum regiment. They weren't meant to be a team of any kind of combatants. Or even a team. I just wanted to build some random servitors that would typify the kind of slaves you would find in the service of the Imperium.

Some would, therefore, be armed – the Imperium is, after all, an overwhelmingly martial place – but many would be designed for general work or more specific, non-combat duties. After I'd finished them I realised that a few may not even be servitors, but citizens sporting implants and prosthetics. Rather than work out who was what and what was who, I just called the whole bunch denizens.

In that earlier post I also mentioned there were a few other conversions that I'd finished, but hadn't yet painted. A few weeks ago I finished this guy and it gave me the taste for painting again so I decided to crack on with the next four denizens.

The first of the above characters is Druuschan Jotun #2 from Hasslefree, with a custom built weapon swap on his right arm, (based on a really old, shoulder-mounted Space Marine lascannon). The other three characters are all out-of-print Confrontation miniatures with their arms swapped for prosthetics (including part of an old metal Space Wolf Scout backpack attached to an original Necron arm, 3 Space Marine power fists and a hook from a Chaos banner). Wherever possible I also crammed in additional vents, exhausts, wires and pistons.

There are still a few more of my servitor/denizens that need finishing – these aren't the last of them yet – but with a little luck it will be less than another nine months before I get round to it.

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