Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More of the law

I've finally got something worth sharing on my 'Dredd' style Arbites Enforcers. Admittedly these are far from finished, but it's progress all the same. A couple of the reverse shots are out of focus, so please excuse my terrible photography. It's not my strong suit.

Cameras and I will never be good friends

Although we do continue to go on holiday together

In the top picture, there's the original test model, followed by two more Enforcers that I've given arms and weapons, but who still need shoulder and elbow pads. In the bottom picture are the next four, who are all still waiting for their upper limbs.

I ran out of Space Marine Scout legs, as you only get five in the box, so I had to find a couple of pairs of legs elsewhere. The legs on the guy holding the grenade launcher (top middle) are from the Tempestus Scions. These were fairly straightforward to use, although they look a little different to the scout's legs. I think I simply removed some of the rivets, smoothed down the peak on the armour plates, and was happy to assume that some uniforms are not 100% identical.

On the bottom pic the third chap in from the left has legs taken from the Cadians. But the Cadian legs are pretty unique and needed plenty of work. They had the bottom of a jacket hanging over the waist which I had to remove. Then the codpiece and the bum protector had to be added, plus a holster that I found in my bits box. But even with a fair bit of work the trousers still look a little baggy compared with the others.

The padded collars have been made with green stuff in a tentacle maker tool. I'll post a separate entry about the tentacle maker tool at some point in the future, but once the cables had dried I glued them in place, cut them down to size, and blended all the edges with more fresh green stuff. The keen-eyed will notice that I replaced the collar on my test model with one made using this new method.

I also changed the technique for creating the spine and back protectors. I decided it would be quicker and more effective to make these out of plasti-card, then use liquid poly to melt them into shape.

On top of the knee pads, back protectors, and neck braces, all seven characters have also had fairly extensive utility belts added. This is the fun bit as it requires next to no modelling or green stuff work, just a bit of trimming and glueing. To finish the belts off I stuck a Forge World etched brass imperial eagle on as a buckle.

I'm currently trying to pluck up courage to tackle the eagle shoulder pads. If only there was a nice, simple etched brass solution for these too. Adding them will be the most complicated part of the whole job and I still haven't worked out how to go about it. There are several methods on the table at the moment, but none of them are particularly appealing and none of them are fool proof. As is often the case, I'll just have to burn that bridge when I get to it.

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