Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Judge, jury and Executioner Heads

Following on from my earlier post about making Mega-City One Judges to represent Adeptus Arbites Enforcers, I wanted to quickly share this photo. It's of some Executioner Heads that PuppetsWar sent me a few months back.

If you're not familiar with PuppetsWar yet, they're a Polish firm that have a huge collection of beautiful resin parts and models. Check-out their website here. Go on, I promise you it's time well wasted. 

The heads look great and the casting shouldn't require much cleaning up. The whole lot will hopefully only take a few minutes.

What I really love about these is that they don't just capture the Judge's helmet shape (albeit using something more like the design from the Stallone film, without the X in front of the eyes) but also a variety of tough, bully-boy facial expressions. Perfect for intimidating the innocent civilians of any future metropolis.

Tough bully boy, wearing figure-hugging lycra

My only concern is that there could be some scale problems when combined with Games Workshop plastic kits. My worry is that they might be a touch too small, but I'm really hoping to be proven wrong. I haven't got any of the GW kits in question yet, so only time will tell.

You can buy the heads from PuppetsWar (and see more pictures) here. Just be warned that for me (based in Britain) delivery times have previously run into several weeks.

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