Saturday 27 April 2024

The 'Bork. Persistence is fertile.

"Right lads, fanks fer ya patience. Patients. Geddit? Hurrhur.

You done good, not dying or nuthin. Just lying there looking up at da bloodsprays on da ceiling.

Or at least the 6 of you still here done good. Oh, wait, no, not Snazzbag, da wimp's stopped breathin'. So 5 then. 5 of you done good. Them other lads just bleedin' all over the place, wiv der organs flappin' about, gettin' me gear all wet, an' then croakin' it – dey was just useless. More like grots than 'ardboy nobs. You make a couple of tiny cuts, and pull out a couple of soft pulpy innards... Some Orks just ain't as tough as dey should be.

But da good news is dat I've got da parts. Dat's right, da parts we need to finish your... er, recov'ry. 

And yeah, Radblast, yeah, I knows you only came in for a toothache, but you gotta admit it's gone now, ain't it?

What's that? So are your legs? Well they was part of the problem, see. It's complicated medical stuff, don't worry your pretty little head about it. Well, what was once your pretty little head. Not so much now, is it? Hurrhur.

Anyways, da parts is finally here. Highly spechulised stuff this. Very hard to track down. Took my grots weeks scouring battlefields to find dem armour plates with the right colour yellow and black stripes. You can't just go picking up any old metal. It's gotta be any old metal with the right coloured paint, see?

It's a proper valuable commodity. I can't make oddities like you without commodities like that, can I? Hurrhur.

Eh, what's dat? Why couldn't I just paint da stripes on da metal afterwards?

Well, I... er, didn't fink of dat."

Like the Dok in the intro, I'm not afraid to sit on a project for a ludicrously long period of time. These Cyborks are another unit that has taken years to complete. I started building them a
bout the time this box of plastic Nobz was released. Back when the Ork Codex still had a listing for a squad of Cyborks as an upgrade to the regular Nobz*.

I got all excited, grabbed a pack of robot legs from Kromlech, decided I didn't quite like the tracked variant enough, searched my bits box for anything else that looked vaguely like it might pass as a robotic limb for sentient, humanoid fungi, and then didn't get much further.

Death Face 2000

Fragga Ironside

Meat-Hoppa Tuffguts

Stomper Slice-N-Dice


But eventually, after an age, I built the models you can see below. 

And then, after another age, decided I didn't like them enough to paint them. 

And then, another age later, just a few weeks ago, I upgraded and rebuilt the ones I wasn't so keen on, before finally getting some paint on the whole bunch, and being able to call them done.

And so that's another unit of infantry completed for my Ork Armoured Brigade, meaning I can now rush out and buy way too many new models that will probably sit around in a dark corner of my house for yet another age.

*Instead of what later seemed to become a singular warrior with a Super Cybork Body. I haven't yet seen the latest version of the Codex. Are there any Cyborks in there at all? Not a problem if not, as these guys will just become regular Nobz, sporting a few snazzy 'upgrades'.

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