Monday 12 February 2024

'Ard Boy Ork Breachers, part two

KNOCK KNOCK! My heavily armoured Ork 'Ard Boyz are back. And this time they've got paint on. 

We last saw them a few weeks ago, at the beginning of this year, here, without paint, where I had dug them out of their decade long stasis to remount them on slightly larger bases. Since then I have added an extra member to the squad – the character carrying the battering ram from the excellent Ork Kommandos Kill Team. I tweaked him a bit to sport one of the older, larger faces, with headgear matching the rest of the team, and then removed some of the redundant spikes from the front of his ram.

In the spirit of last month's post (where I compared some miniatures I had painted with their original promotional images from Forge World), I've isolated all the finished, painted shields here, in the same manner that I presented their original design sketches in part one of this post that I linked above. They're not exactly the same, but the sketches definitely played their part in getting me to the final product.

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