Saturday, 29 October 2022

Muddy Trukkers

So, you're an Ork warboss, and you've got to get a squad of boys from one side of the battlefield to the other, as fast as you possibly can. Unfortunately, as much as they all like running, charging, shouting, getting into close combat, and generally behaving in an aggressive and belligerent manner, those little legs of theirs just aren't going to get them there quick enough.

Enter the first of my trukks*.

This was based on the Ramshackle Games Half-Ute, but I decided to make it a bit chunkier by splitting the original model in various ways, inserting spacers, adding extra detail to hide the joins, jacking the whole thing up a bit higher on its suspension, swapping out the tracks** and replacing the wheels with much larger ones taken from some toys found in a Pound Shop.

It's another one of those projects that, for a very brief moment right at the beginning, looked simple and straightforward, but in reality turned out to be way more work than I would ever have considered worth it.

Seems to happen to me a lot.

*I've only just completed the trukk, but I did post a work in progress image of it about 3 and a half years ago.
**To give an insight into the kind of ridiculous timeframes I work to, the tracks that I removed from the Half-Ute eventually got used on a model, that I posted here about six years ago.

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