Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Why watch one, when two will do?

Words and pictures. That’s what I normally put up here. But today it’s slightly different. Today most of the words will be found in the pictures. Because today I’m sharing a poster I created for a prospective movie season a few years back.

I talk a lot about movies on here, not only because am I utterly fascinated by them – some may say obsessed – but also because they can offer substantive inspiration for the many modelling and gaming projects that form some of my other obsessions. For these reasons I usually try to focus on science fiction or fantasy films, but occasionally this may slide sideways into the sometimes equally relevant overlapping zones of the action or horror genres.

However, today, I’m going even further than that, doing something I don't normally do, by blasting the genres wide open and simply looking at pairs of movies, from any walk, that go together beautifully while delving deeply into their chosen subject.

So, with no further fanfare, let’s get on to the pictures. The ones with words in them.

And here are some close-ups (clicking on them should make them expand).

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